Elevate a Nation

As part of Reo Group’s mission to lead change, we have partnered with B1G1, Dot Com Mob and CAYLUS to help provide technology education and equipment in remote Aboriginal communities. For every candidate we place we give to the Elevate a Nation project to help people in remote areas, without equitable access to digital devices and high speed internet, to learn new skills and elevate their potential.

Our Giving Story

As transformation and automation change the employment landscape and our day-to-day lives, those who don’t have access to digital devices and reliable internet will find it harder and harder to do the everyday things we take for granted. They will find it even harder to compete for jobs. We believe that businesses have the power to make a difference, to give something back to their community. Our Elevate a Nation project was born from the need to reduce the digital divide in Australia that is preventing people without adequate access from realising their potential.

Updates from Dot Com Mob & CAYLUS

If you would like to hear the latest news from Dot Com Mob and CAYLUS, follow Dot Com Mob on LinkedIn for more updates and discover more about the work of CAYLUS online below:

Help Us to Elevate a Nation

Images and project details have been kindly provided by our partners, Dot Com Mob and CAYLUS. Images have been approved for use in sharing the exciting work that is being done to provide access to digital learning and equipment in remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia.