Reo Group deliver skilled temps at short notice, taking pressure off your team by providing extra hands where they’re most needed.

Benefits of Temporary/Contract Hiring

Reo Group’s temporary staffing team specialise in placing quality candidates in short-term or fixed-term roles. From short notice ‘fill ins’ to longer-term project contracts, our temp consultants are on hand to help you find the talent to support your team when you need it most. We provide temps and contractors across the sectors of finance & accounting, human resources, business support and administration, financial services & insurance and technology. Unexpected external influences and changing needs in your business can mean a short-term hire is the best solution. Here are some of the key advantages:

Talent Network:
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Our Temporary Hire Process:

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FAQs on Hiring Temps and Contractors

Temporary resources are used to cover work within your team in times of need, when you either don’t have head count or don’t need a permanent resource. Reo Group Temporary Staffing are here to support you and can search our hidden network of immediately available talent to find the skills and fit you are looking for. We will deliver a suitable candidate to you within 48hrs.

Temporary candidates are payrolled by Reo Group on an hourly rate and managed by your Reo Search Partner, who works with you to deliver on the mandate required. It may be a 1 month project right up to 12 months.

Your assigned Reo Group Search Partner will work alongside you to manage the candidate on a weekly basis, ensuring they are meeting expectations and seeing out the assigned tasks. Most importantly your search partner will ensure that the candidate stays for the duration of the assignment by maintaining ongoing contact with them through the project duration.

Hiring a temp or contractor is done on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Generally speaking you can switch off a temp resource within 24-48hrs if you see that they are no longer required, therefore managing your costs. Similarly you can extend them at short notice to fulfill any further requirements within the business. The candidate also sits as an invoiced cost and generally will not reflect on head count costs in the business.

The hourly rate covers the services of a candidate that is sub-contracted through Reo Group Temporary Staffing. The hourly rate covers:

  • Candidate base rate + super
  • Compensation for sick leave and annual leave that are not available to contract workers
  • Payroll tax
  • Public liability and general insurance
  • Workers compensation fees
  • Administration costs
  • Agency service fee

Meet The Reo Group Temp Team

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Joel Adams

Executive Director - Commerce, Finance & Industry


Tom Moore

Executive Director - South Australia


Phil Martin

Executive Director - Technology


Nicolas Gonzalez

Director - Finance & Accounting


Meg Timmins

Search Partner - Finance & Accounting


Tiana Lorkovic

Search Partner - Transactional Finance & Business Support

Meet the Whole Reo Team

Nicolas is very professional, he really gives the entire parameters for the job in great detail capturing many additional info that others don't consider, like systems, reporting lines, company location, accessibility, parking etc, all these small details help a candidate like me understand the job in great detail and all other aspects around the role.


Tiana has been amazing to work with, she follows every step right through and keeps you informed along the way.

Hiring Manager

Megan actively worked with us to establish a suitable candidate for the temporary role we required. Excellent service.

Hiring Manager

* Depending on the specific nature of the role or market conditions, there may be some circumstances where the provision of candidates following the brief takes longer than the 48 hour target timeframe.
^ YTD 10/2022